Targeted Intervention Services

What do we do?
We can provide services to families with circumstances that impact on their ability to safely care for their children,
and will provide families with the necessary support to reduce risk factors and build resilience.
The program aims to prevent family breakdown and support parents to keep children in their care.

Main services provided:
- Case work and case management
- Practical and structured in home assistance
- Parenting skills development
- Links to community networks/advocacy and referrals
- Support to address child protection concerns

Key Funding Source
Department of Education and Child development

Who can we help?
Families having difficulties coping with the challenges of parenting and caring for their children.
Families that are identified as needing support to develop appropriate parenting skills.
Families in contact with the statutory child protection system.

Who can you contact?
Port Pirie/Port Augusta: Kadina/Clare:
Sue Blank Vicki Jacobs
Phone: 8633 8611 Phone: 8821 0321


Where are we based?
Kadina – 8 Digby Street
Port Augusta – 36 Stirling Road
Port Pirie – 60 Florence Street
Clare - Village Plaza Shop 4 Old North Road

What areas do we cover?
Far North
Yorke and Mid North

Referrals are received from:
Department for Child Protection
Department for Child Protection – Linking Families
Child and Youth Health Services
Non- Government Organisations
DECD – Child/School Wellbeing Practitioners.
DECD Children’s Centres

More Information
Clients may be linked in to or referred to other community services that are available in their area eg:
- Parenting Groups
- Domestic Violence and Accommodation Support services
- Anti Poverty Support or Financial Counselling
- Drug and Alcohol Support services
- Child and Mental Health services

Mid North Family Support Program
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Keeping children safe from sexual abuse - Outlines sexual abuse facts, offers tips on how to keep a child safe from sexual abuse & how to react if a child has experienced sexual abuse.
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The importance of play - Explains why play is so important in a child’s development and tips for parents on how to play with their child.
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NAPCAN Brochures

The Underwear Rule is a simple way that parents can help keep children safe from abuse, without using scary words or mentioning sex.
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