Port Pirie Men Shed and Training Complex. The shed hosts programs that teach and mentor children, youth and adults to interact with each other and the community through group work focused on woodwork and metal work. Partnerships exist with local schools, and Job Activity Programs.

Open hours: MON-FRI 8am-4pm
Closed on public holidays

The training complex boasts a brand new conference centre consisting of one large training room that has the ability to become two smaller separate training rooms.

Port Pirie Men’s Shed

The Port Pirie Men’s Shed is an establishment with a long history of helping the community. It is a multifaceted space where members of the community come together to meet, learn and expand on a variety of skills. The facility also boasts a Conference Centre/Training Complex, volunteer area and workshop where volunteers are able to perfect their skills in various projects.

Men's Shed Port Pirie

Brief History of the Port Pirie Men’s Shed

The original Men’s Shed was initiated to explore different approaches to working with men as part of UCWCSA’s Men and Family Relationships Program. A group of eight men had completed a program that explored the impact of separation on their lives and help them find ways to better communicate and maintain positive relationships with their children and the wider community. The creation of the original Shed was facilitated by UCWCSA to further support this initiative.

As it grew, the Port Pirie Men’s Shed became recognised for its positive effect on men’s health and well being, replacing for many men the lost domain of their backyard shed.

Men’s Shed Today
As a member of the Australian Men’s Shed Association, the Port Pirie Men’s Shed provides a venue for social interaction, companionship and support for men within the Port Pirie community and surrounds, where men are able to socialise and discuss matters in a male-centred environment.

These men also operate as volunteers within the broader Men’s Shed environment, often assisting with projects taking place on the property, sometimes involving the creation of metal and woodworking projects.

The broader Men’s Shed environment also includes a Horticultural workshop, a Conference Centre (operates separately), a community garden and chicken run, which the men operate.

As part of UnitingCare Wesley Country SA, all members of the Port Pirie Men’s Shed are registered volunteers and undergo a police screening process and adhere to policies and procedures. They also welcome casual ‘drop in” participants but these men do not engage with projects.

Although the Shed operates 5 days a week, the main activity days (social interaction, meetings and projects) are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hours of Operation for the Port Pirie Men’s Shed
  Week Day     Open Time    Close Time 
Closed on public holidays

Training Complex

The training complex boasts a brand new conference centre consisting of one large training room that has the ability to become two smaller separate training rooms. These rooms feature state of the art multimedia facilities and are located next to a brand new industrial catering/training kitchen, both available to the general public for hire.

Training Space

The Conference Centre and industrial kitchen is perfect for training, off-site meetings and celebratory occasions like parties and events.

Further information is provided in the Conference Kit available here

Contact Information
Division Contact Person Contact Info
General Enquiries Men's Shed Reception (08) 8632 3793
Conference Centre
and Industrial Kitchen
Vanessa Ferme

(08) 8633 9001 (office)
0427 469 987 (mobile)


Where are we based?
Located at 3 Parham Street, Port Pirie (off of Esmond Road)


What areas do we cover?
The Community of Port Pirie and surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information.

Key Funding Source

Funded by UnitingCare Wesley Country SA and the programs that operate from the site.